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5 star rating
Daniel Austin from campbell on 4/25/2017 for an auto service of their 2003 Toyota RAV4 and their testimonial is:

"Great customer service"

"I would say that Rensen does great work, they really are experts in what they do and have gained my trust. highly recommend."
5 star rating
Ninos gevargiz from san jose on 4/19/2017 for an auto service of their 2002 Mazda Protege5 and their testimonial is:


"They have excellent customer service"
5 star rating
Kirk Tamura from san jose on 4/10/2017 for an auto service of their 2008 Honda Fit and their testimonial is:

"Excellent and fast"

"Excellent in both areas. I was kept informed of every detail and was provided in depth, clear answers for all my questions. I always feel confident that Renson will fix any automotive problems that my car experiences."
5 star rating
mark kuiper from los gatos on 3/30/2017 for an auto service of their 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser and their testimonial is:


"The people at Renson Automotive are always approachable and make an special effort to respond to questions and request for updates. I have consistently found them to be extremely knowledgeable in trouble-shooting less than obvious mechanical problems and always offer a sensible, cost effective, step-by-step recommendation for repair."
5 star rating
Bill Erfurth from san jose on 5/22/2016 for an auto service of their 1997 Toyota Camry and their testimonial is:

"Friendly and helpful"

"excellent service. Scheduled me so I could be in and out quickly."
5 star rating
Lyn King from campbell on 5/14/2016 for an auto service of their 2007 Chrysler Town & Country and their testimonial is:

"Go there"

"they are honest, do the work right, only do what needs to be done, they are knowledgeable and professional "
5 star rating
Tricia Carson from sunnyvale on 5/13/2016 for an auto service of their 2005 Ford Focus and their testimonial is:


"Renson Automotive is a car company that is ACTUALLY HONEST!!! It's so hard to find one, and so hard for me to know if people are pulling one over on me or not! After repeated interactions with the same result every time, I know I can 110% trust Renson Automotive to tell me the full truth about my car, and even give me honest timelines of when I would need to have something fixed by if I don't necessarily need to have it fixed RIGHT away. I drive 15 miles, which can translate into 30 minutes to get to Renson, and I would never take any car anywhere else. The customer service is also phenomenal as they call Enterprise to send a car to pick me up (they have a special deal worked out with them to rent a car for a day), and even help me remove my 2 child seats from my own car to bring with me to Enterprise. I have never left a car place with the same safe, secure, honest, and all-over happy feelings with which I walk away from Renson. "
5 star rating
Milissa Santos from san jose on 5/11/2016 for an auto service of their 2007 Honda Civic and their testimonial is:

"The best!"

"Renson is the best. I won't take my vehicles anywhere else."
3 star rating
Alex Potter from san jose on 5/9/2016 for an auto service of their 2003 Dodge Neon and their testimonial is:


"very professional "
5 star rating
Harold Fonda from san jose on 5/7/2016 for an auto service of their 2004 Saturn ION and their testimonial is:

"Thorough, quality work"

"They go overboard to make sure that your automobile is in top condition."

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